Probiotics for your Mouth

Easy to Use: Repopulate the good bacteria in your mouth with one tablet a day

While you can take ProBiora any time of the day and achieve results, the real power is at bedtime – that’s when ProBiora can be most effective. Just add it to the end of your nightly oral-care regimen.

After brushing your teeth, simply let a tablet dissolve on your tongue. If you also use mouthwash, wait 30 minutes after using, and then use ProBiora.

When you make ProBiora your last step in your nightly ritual, you’ll notice healthier teeth and gums, whiter teeth and fresher breath in as little as thirty days.

How to Add ProBiora to Your Regimen

To add the Power of ProBiora to your oral-care regimen, follow these simple steps.

Make It a Bedtime Ritual

You can take ProBiora at any time of day and achieve results, but taking ProBiora at bedtime is more effective to repopulate that good bacteria.

Give it Time

After brushing your teeth, chew and swish the tablet for 30 seconds, or simply let the tablet dissolve on your tongue, to allow for the probiotics to get to work.

Gargle, Wait, Dissolve

Mouthwash kills all bacteria, including the good. So, if you use mouthwash, wait 30 minutes before taking ProBiora. Then, take ProBiora to replenish that good bacteria in your mouth.

Experience the Difference

In as little as 30 days, ProBiora has repopulated the good bacteria, crowding out the bad, and leaving you with healthier teeth and gums, whiter teeth and fresher breath.

The proof is in the patent –
the science of ProBiora3®!

A patented formula, ProBiora3 is what separates ProBiora from other oral-care probiotics. Discovered by Dr. Jeffrey Hillman, this proprietary formula is a blend of three naturally occurring strains of good bacteria. Native to the teeth and gums, ProBiora3 is what empowers our ProBiora products to be so effective in supporting gum and tooth health — a breakthrough achieved by pushing out the bad bacteria that cause bad breath, tooth decay, and other oral health issues.

Can ProBiora Help You?

Improved oral health, whiter teeth and, yes, fresher breath are just a few of the many health benefits of adding ProBiora to your daily oral-care regimen. According to the CDC, 75% of adults are actually experiencing some type of gum disease right now and don’t even know it. ProBiora, and ONLY ProBiora, repopulates that crucial good bacteria, addressing the cause of most common teeth and gum issues like gingivitis, periodontitis, oral inflammation and bleeding gums.

Real Results

I was skeptical at first, but brushing my dogs teeth is a pain in the butt. This is odorless and tasteless so they don’t even know it’s in their food! Have some patience because good things take time. It’s been a month and the dark gunk on my dogs teeth near the gum line has gone down significantly and no more bad breath. I will continue to use this!

My dentist recommended my taking this product for a month, to see how it would reduce the bacteria/anaerobes in my gums/tartar sample. I saw him today, and there was nothing on the slide!!! All organisms eliminated!!! So this will be an ongoing nightly supplement to prevent need for gum surgery, in my case.

This probiotic mint tastes good and works really well. I combine it with a toothpowder for brushing and find I need to rely less on mouth wash. My teeth feel clean and I am not self conscious about my breath. I try to avoid chewing gum so I really like this outcome. I also do not have the gum bleeding I was experiencing before its use.